Firefox OS 創始人 Android 大食不合低端機

Mozilla Releases First Two Firefox OS Smartphones

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到目前為止,Mozilla 的 Firefox OS 智能手機已經有兩款 — ZTE Open 和 Alcatel One Touch。這兩款手機給人的感覺連普通都算不上,體驗很不好,Firefox 還需要慢慢成長。

Mozilla 聯合創始人兼首席技術官 Brendan Eich 表示,Firefox OS 不會與今天頂級智能手機競爭。Mozilla 的目標是進軍剛告別功能機的更廉價智能手機市場。要知道低端廉價市場目前也是Android 的領地,Google 要如何面對來勢洶洶的 Firefox OS? 

Brendan Eich 說,Firefox OS 能夠在低端市場獲得盈利,因為 Android 系統太臃腫了無法運行在便宜的硬件上。為了打造真正的廉價的符合大眾市場的智能手機,Firefox OS 需要降低記憶體,而且還要選擇低端的處理器(比如單核處理器)。 

較新的Android 系統無法再廉價手機上運行,比如說 Android 4.0 就無法支援 256MB RAM 的手機,對此 Google 也沒有解決方案,只能告訴開發者使用 2.3 Gingerbread 系統。今年還有很多搭載 2.3 系統的手機上市,明年可能還有。但未來 Google 無法提供其他更好的支援廉價手機的操作系統了。 明天首批 Firefox OS 智能手機 ZTE Open 將在西班牙開售,售價僅為 90 美元。雖然價格足夠低,但它印證了一句俗語「一分錢一分貨」,該手機目前的體驗有點緩慢,或許以後 Firefox OS 能夠變得更加流暢順滑。

Source : PCWorld

Mozilla released the first two smartphones to carry the new Firefox operating system today. After early details were unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February, the new operating system began to generate serious buzz. Mozilla partnered with Telefonica for the initial release, which is currently in Spain only.

ZTE and Alcatel provided the design for the first two phones to carry the new Firefox HTML open source OS, each sporting slim touchscreen designs and very affordable price points. Both the ZTE Open and Alcatel One Touch Fire come standard with all of the normal smartphone amenities, including email, phone calls, text messaging, maps, camera (3.15 and 3.2 MP respectively), and naturally, Web browsing with Firefox. Users can also download apps, although they may not get too far on the internal memory. Fortunately, both phones have expandable MicroSD memory as well.

Neither phone exceeds 512 MB of internal memory, and neither has an HD screen, but the €69 (~$90) price point, which includes €30 of credit for pre-paid users, more than makes up for the lack of sizzle. Both phones have highly respectable Adreno 200 graphics cards and 1 GHz Qualcomm processors.

The Firefox OS is an open-source system, intended to compete with Android for developer attention, and the experience is reportedly similar to using an Android device. It was developed using HTML5, the language of the Web, which Mozilla hopes will make it easier for third party developers to produce apps. With HTML5 integrated onto an open source operating system, there’s definitely a possibility that Firefox could catch on with that crowd, although it remains to be seen if the software has the performance or longevity to make a splash.


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