Poppy 令 iPhone 變身 3D 攝影機

Kickstarter Project Poppy Turns iPhone Into 3D Video Camera

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想要讓 iPhone 手機當中的照片和影片成為 3D 影像嗎?正在募資平台 Kickstarter 引起廣大迴響的小巧裝置 Poppy 助你實現夢想。


想要讓 iPhone 手機當中的照片和影片成為 3D 影像嗎?正在募資平台 Kickstarter 引起廣大迴響的小巧裝置 Poppy 助你實現夢想。

看起來十分像是玩具的 Poppy,支援 iPhone 4 以上與第五代 iPod Touch 硬體,只要將手機置入 Poppy 插槽中,就可以利用左右眼視差結合看到立體成像,不到 50 美元的贊助金就可以帶走,預計年底出貨,是一個極酷的送禮選擇。

看到 c 或許會勾起某些人的童年回憶,長得很像望遠鏡的塑膠外殼玩具,可以插入圓形轉盤幻燈片,就會上演各個不同的童話故事,這款玩具在國外稱為「 Viewmaster 」,原理就和 Poppy 相同。

Source : PC Magazine

Eat your heart out, Fisher Price. A couple of Seattle entrepreneurs today launched a Kickstarter campaign for Poppy, a View-Master-like contraption that turns any iPhone into a 3D camera.

Just pop your iDevice into the slot, twist open the mirrors, and capture your life in the same way you experience it — in three dimensions.

By aligning the front mirrors with the optics of the iPhone’s camera, Poppy’s lenses combine the right-eye and left-eye streams into a single 3D video, viewable via the matching iOS app, on YouTube, or on a 3D-enabled television set.

“It’s beautiful,” co-creators Ethan Lowry and Joe Heitzeberg said on Kickstarter. “And really hard to describe or show in two dimensions.”

The device works with the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, and fifth-gen iPod touch, though you’ll have to pry your phone out of its case in order for it to fit into the viewer. Battery-free and void of any electronic parts, Poppy works its magic through the science of optics, and your iPhone’s camera and screen.

Lowry and Heitzeberg have tested their creation at weddings, from the sidelines of sporting events, and while playing with their kids; they even suggested its possible use in real estate and architectural walk-throughs.
But there’s more to the retro device — Poppy can also act as a portal to the tens of thousands of existing 3D videos on YouTube, all rendered in full color, high quality 3D.

“We love the feeling those simple devices give of stepping into another world,” the Kickstarter page said. “But they were all about seeing someone else’s photographs.” So throw out the old Disney World Reels and start capturing your own immersive 3D scenes.

Any camera or video app will suffice for Poppy filming — Camera Plus or Vine, Snapseed, or Instagram — but to make things even easier, Heitzeberg and Lowry created a dedicated iOS app for Poppy, which captures 3D videos and still images, saves photos and videos to the iPhone’s camera roll, and uploads videos onto YouTube.

As of press time, Poppy had garnered 340 backers, and more than $23,255 —more than halfway to the final goal of $40,000, with another 29 days of campaigning left. For $49 or more, supporters will receive a Poppy from the first full production run, as well as their name included in the Hall of Fame. A limited number of backers can snag a reward like a pre-production Poppy used for early test runs ($229), or a functional 3D-printed Poppy prototype, worth $1,200 or more (only one of the two pieces of Poppy history is still available).

Production is expected to begin in October, with an estimated November/December shipment period.


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