IDC : 今年 Q1 歐洲 iPhone 份額下滑 5%

iPhone marketshare falls 5% in Q1 2013

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市場統計機構 IDC 剛剛公佈了今年第一季度的歐洲智能手機出貨報告,結果顯示 iPhone 在該地區的市場份額同比下滑 5%。在同一段時期 內,iPhone 在美國地區的市場份額仍在穩步增長。IDC 在報告中表示,與 2012 年第一季度相比,iPhone 在歐洲地區的市佔率已經從 25% 下降至 20%。


如果轉化成具體出貨量,5% 的下滑即代表著蘋果在歐洲地區少賣了大約 620 萬部 iPhone。根據 IDC 的統計報告,一季度歐洲智能手機市場的同比整體增長率只有 12%,為史上最低。而蘋果手機在歐洲地區市場份額下滑的同時,Android 廠商的表現依舊穩健,領頭羊 三星佔據將近一半的市場,索尼也有 6% 的同比增長。

從整體上來看, 三星和蘋果依然佔據著歐洲第一和第二的位置,與去年同期相比沒有變化。如果按照操作系統的比例來劃分,今年一季度歐洲地區的 Android 設備出貨量為 2190 萬部,市場份額從 55% 上升至 69%,iOS 所佔的比例則是我們上面提到的 20%。至於 Windows Phone,目前已經取代 Symbian 成為歐洲第三大操作平台,其市佔率為 6%。

Source : AppleInsider

Figures from IDC released today show that iOS smartphone marketshare fell 5% year-over-year in Europe, even though iPhone growth in the US was very strong in the same period.

Apple’s share fell from 25% in Q1 2012 to 20% in Q1 2013, representative of approximately 6.2 million unit shipments. IDC notes that European smartphone market grew overall at a rate of just 12 percent, the slowest increase the company has ever recorded. The weakness in demand evidently hit Apple, but competing Android manufacturers have seen substantial share gains in the slump. Close rival Samsung, for instance, saw shipments rise by 1.8 million units to account for almost half of the whole market. Sony was another benefactor, gaining six percentage points over the period when compared to last year.

Despite these gains, the changes were not enough to disrupt overall rankings of manufacturers. Samsung and Apple took first and second place in sales, the same as a year ago. From an OS-level standpoint, 21.9 million Android devices were shipped, an increase from 55% to 69%, and remained in the top spot. iOS accounted for 20% of the market. Windows Phone, largely due to sales of Nokia Lumia devices, replaced Symbian to become the third-largest operating system in Europe, with a 6 percent share of the market.

It should be noted that IDC reports shipments only, which may differ considerably from total sales of devices to customers.

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