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Amazon 週五面向內容創作人員發佈了一款新工具 Amazon Storyteller,允許內容作者將他們劇本轉換成故事板。

Amazon Studios launches Storyteller tool to automatically create storyboards from scripts

Amazon Studios launches Storyteller tool to automatically create storyboards from scripts

Amazon 週五面向內容創作人員發佈了一款新工具 Amazon Storyteller ,允許內容作者將他們劇本轉換成故事板。


多年來,Amazon 一直在為內容創造作人員開發新的工具、服務和功能等,以便他們在Amazon 平台上發佈自己的作品。今日發佈的 Amazon Storyteller 就是其中的一部分,允許內容作者將他們劇本轉換成故事板,還可以與他人協同工作。

首先,內容作者要掃瞄一個已經上傳到 Amazon Studios 的電影劇本,Amazon Storyteller 可以從場景描述中查找場景、地點和人物,然後從龐大的人物、道具及場景庫中自動分配。通過這種方式,雖然沒有圖像,但作者依然能夠看到劇本的視覺呈現。

Amazon 去年5月宣佈,將開發原創喜劇和兒童電視節目,並通過旗下視頻流媒體服務發佈。Amazon 在線接受電視劇本,並邀請消費者進行評價,然後根據反饋訊息選擇將要拍攝的項目。

業內人士稱,相信 Amazon Storyteller 將吸引更多的作者上傳自己的作品。Amazon Storyteller 目前仍處在測試版本,要使用該軟件,用家必須要向 Amazon Studios 上傳作品。這同時意味著,無論是公開項目,還是隱私項目,Amazon 都有權進行評估,然後決定是否將其拍成電視劇或電影。

Source : TheVerge

Amazon Studios has just announced a new tool called Amazon Storyteller, which promises to help would-be filmmakers and scriptwriters more easily realize their visions by translating scripts into full-on storyboards with characters and dialogue. The tool, which is available now in beta, scans a submitted script for scenes, locations, and characters from the descriptions and then tries to replicate it using a catalog of “thousands” of props, characters, and background locations. From there, scriptwriters can upload their own images, “recast” the characters, change locations, and generally tweak the storyboards as much as they see fit.

From there, storyboards can be shared with the Amazon Studios community for feedback, just as the community can review scripts and offer suggestions currently. It’s just another example of the weight Amazon is putting behind its original content arm — and while the early results from the first set of Amazon Studios pilots were not promising, this still sounds like a useful tool for those working to get independent projects off the ground. Amazon’s new Storyteller tool is free and available to check out now on the Amazon Studios website.


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